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Adelani Adetayo is one of the fashion forward people I know. Always the first to rock a fashion trend and creating some herself, with her immaculate fashion style it’s no surprise to know she is a professional cosmetologist. Amidst a lot of laughs and side talk here she shares with me her favorite perfume brand and the 10 fashion items she can’t live without.


They are definitely a must have for me, I will choose them over a dress any day, anytime. I feel so comfortable in jeans even when going to a party I prefer my Ankara top and jeans, adorn with a pair of heels to complete the look and I am good to go.


Outdoor bags are my favorite. I love to have them as they are easier to handle, neither too big nor too small just perfect to keep my stuff together and handy.


Irrespective of how dressed I am, I feel slightly incomplete without my heels -which I prefer in sandals by the way- they bring out my overall best look and make me feel presentable.


Wigs serve a multipurpose function for me, I don’t really like leaving my hair open but instead of a head cover or a scarf, I opt for wigs as they help me cover up and also help me look dressed up. I have them in various styles I believe they are easier to handle and afford me the opportunity to switch styles. Even without makeup, I am good to go.


This necklace right here on my neck is definitely one of the top fashion items I can’t live without. It’s a gift from my dad and fortunately, have been a perfect accessory on all of my outfit, I wear it anywhere and everywhere lol.


I don’t really like to leave my wrists bare, It’s one of my go-to statement pieces for that purpose. Even when they stopped working, I still consider them useful and I still wear them.


This is a weird one I think lol. A well-polished nail gives me a sense of neatness, I don’t know why. I also love how it makes my toenails pop inside my sandals Its exquisite.


l can’t leave home without these two. I feel more comfortable in my skin with them. Currently, I am in love with my SOSPIRO perfume and OLD SPICE deodorant, they are a dream combination.


There is a pull from this fashion accessory, it draws me in stepping into a room with a right pair of shades for me always screams fashion and class. So yes sunshades because they make me feel posh.


I love to make my lashes prominent but I am not really a fan of false lashes, so I mascara my lashes every day and I always touch up because why not.

It was really an insightful section. Thanks for sharing!

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