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When you understand that fashion style is personal and should be defined according to what suit you and comfort you irrespective of the norms then it won’t be a rocket science looking outright classy every time. Aisha looks dashing in every attire thanks to her understanding and discovery of her fashion style. Being the guru of she shares her love for bags and tips on how to keep them always in structure and her 10 fashion items she can’t live without.


Definitely, a must have for everyone, probably one of the easiest fashion items to pair anything with. I do a lot of thrift though cause they are usually quality and unique currently my favorites are mummy jean.


My all-time favorite. I particularly love the switch about them, either for a professional look or a casual one, I mostly love how they pop up under a black armless gown.


These are a staple for me because they are so versatile and easily paired with anything. They are just so unique they brighten up the Beauty of any attire.


Body tops are a classic, the way they sit so well on the body makes me love them, it helps accentuate my waist and more defined which makes them stands out.


I love bags a lot, it’s probably the reason I am in that business. I consider them as a part of a lady’s dressing and should be given the same consideration as every other outfit. I particularly love bags from Zara cause they are quality and chick and also affordable. Since I have a number of them I ensure I take good care of them, I avoid stuffing them to ensure air circulation which helps them keep their skin intact especially for leather bags I also fill them with waste papers when they are not in use to help them maintain their shape and structure.


I am not really a fan of heels as I am just getting comfortable with my body, I am really scared of tripping or something like that. I love a nice flat shoe in various styles and designs, they give me confidence and comfort.


I am a Muslim and it is essential I cover my hair, I have various of this at all time they are a must.


Maybe because I love to accentuate my waist, I always have some to use on skirts and especially on shift dresses.


To look hot I guess lol. Actually, they are multifunctional for eyes protection and overall outlook. I prefer moderate ones not necessarily big or too small just perfect.


I love good bling to adorn my ears, I cannot live home without them they complete the look.

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