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Year in year out, regardless of how many times I change my closet. There are some items I can never let go. I find myself reaching for them over and over again. Simply because they make me feel good and yes (winks) makes me look good as well. These 10 fashion items are my clarity amidst all chaos and so I can’t live without them.

If you haven’t got at least 5 of these, then guess what…… its time to go shoooooping.

A pair of jeans

10 fashion items I cant live without.

There are so many of these to choose from — boot cut, skinny jeans, straight legs, high waist and in various styles and sizes. They are so comfortable and very stylish I consider them a must have for everyone. Whenever my morning seems unclear about my ootd I know I can always turn to my jeans – pair with a shirt or shimmery top and a flat shoe or strappy sandal for my dress up look or pair with a Tshirt/ sweater and a sneaker for a casual look. Honestly, you can literarily create an outfit around this fashion item for any occasion.

White Shirt

I love this because they scream sophisticated and fresh. A white shirt is definitely a must-have, they are so easy and versatile they can be worn on/with anything. Maintenance is the key because only a crisp white shirt with all the brightness can do the magic.

10 must have fashion item.
10 fashion items I cant live without-whirt shirt a must have

Black dress

You know what they say about black, well you can never go wrong with black. I love to have this timeless classic year-round in my closet, they are a day saver. They can be pair lightly or hugely to quickly transfer from daywear to evening wear. They accentuate assets, downplay flaws and makes me feel classy.

10 fashion item must have-A black dress must have.
A female black dress.

Black pants

A neatly cut pair is essential, whether you wear them to work or get together with friends. Black is a great color to work around so its definitely a must have.

Hand bags

Bags are so cool, they complete a lady’s dressing. However, With all the wide variety to choose from I particularly love a chic backpack and tote bag. These two are so practical and super stylish I can’t live without them, maybe it is because they offer a little more space with class.

10 fashion item must have-Favourites bags.

White sneakers

My love for this is beyond words. I am so enchanted with how practical they are, I wear them with everything – jeans, dress, skirts, overalls. They are so reliable they make me feel like a superwoman on a busy day. If you don’t already own a pair, then your wardrobe simply isn’t complete.

10 fashion items - white sneakers a lady must have.
white trainers a must in every ladys closet.

A pair of heels

Most ladies would agree with me, every closet needs a pair of heels. There is something with this I found amazing, the fact that they are a confidence booster, in a quick switch you transform to a boss lady with a right pair, you just need to find the one that will fight for you.lol


a pair of heels.
A pair of heels.

Lip balm

I definitely can’t live without my lip balm. You will always find one in my purse I carry it around everywhere. They moisturize and help hydrate my lips, my favorites are the one with SPF. I am currently in love with my Nivea hydro care.

The right lip balm for your lips.


I am a huge fan of sunglasses. Aside from the fact that they protect the eyes from harmful UV Rays. They’re a staple fashion accessory, adding a fabulous touch to any outfit. I consider buying a good quality sunglass an investment.

sunglasses fashion accessory.

Oversized cashmere sweater

Nothing makes me happier than my super soft sweater, its a crucial item of my closet year round. I love how I feel in it – cozy and safe. It definitely makes the 10 fashion essentials I can’t live without, particularly my grey sweater they are so versatile and always in trend. I can never get tired of wearing them.

10 fashion items.cashmere sweater.

Sometimes the morning just seems so unclear on what to wear, but with these 10 fashion essentials, I have been saved more than I can never imagine. Also, I think every lady need a closet with basic that could be easily transformed into classy.

Have you taken your time to discover what style works for you, check my 8 tips to help choose your fashion style.

Share with me the list of your fashion essentials you can’t live without, let me see how effective your magic wand is.

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