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If you have ever found yourself wondering in front of your closet on what to wear, well we all have been in that situation before but the good news is that you can actually fretless as we got the 15 fashion staples that will help redefine your closet and gives you the freedom to mix and match to your heart desires.

Fashion staples are items that transition from season to season, that is regardless of trends or season they will always be applicable, they also serve as fundamental items that help complement the seasonal piece. This is a starting point and once you get comfortable with these staples it helps create room for more exploration.

Fashion staples are essential for every closet, because of their versatility and their easy way of been mix and match. They make dressing up easier and give little room to fretting on what to wear or not wear.

Use the following list as a guide to redefining your closet staples.

1. White Button-up Shirt

This is the epitome of all effortless options and combinations. A classic white button-up helps keeps a balance between casual and polished.

This is an essential must-have for all ladies as it is easy to mix and match up for pretty much any occasion. Pair with pants for a classic look or a simple skirt or even jeans depending on the occasion.

2. Little Black Dress

A little black dress is a must have for every closet.

This is a timeless piece and will be the most worn out of your fashion staple, so why miss out on it, its really a no brainer that a closet without an LBD is incomplete, get yourself one in a simple silhouette to dress as your heart desire. Nothing else serves more like a blank canvass for an artist to a fashionista as a little black dress.

3. Striped Tee Shirt

a breton top makes dressing chick and effortless.

A Breton top complements a wide number of piece, pair with jeans or skirt.

Be sure to choose the stripes that flatter your body type.

4. Dark Wash Denim

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

Dark wash denim can easily take you from day to night and you won’t have to worry about a little stain, these come in various designs and shapes. You should have at least one in your closet to never run out of ideas as they are perfect for dressing up or down and they never go out of style.

5. Black Trousers

This is another foundation piece that must be in any closet. They come in handy for anything from work to an evening out.

6. White Tee Shirt

A white tee shirt is a must have for every woman closet

Tee shirts in solid colors can be easily paired and style with absolutely anything and you are good to go.

7. Knee-Length Skirt

A semi-casual skirt that can be pair for a formal or casual look for days when the urge for skirt-wearing can’t be denied. Pick from a straight pencil to A-shaped and style appropriately.

8. A Wrap Dress

Considered the most flattering dress for all body types, this dress helps flatter your shape and looks good on everyone. You can wear a wrap dress for any occasion.

9. Cashmere Sweater

Fashion staples that every woman mush have.

Do you want to feel cuddled and chic, then a cashmere sweater to the rescue, it adds a feeling of luxury to anything it been paired with.

When you find one that you love trust me you won’t want to let go.

10. A Neutral Blazer

A well-structured blazer is an essential closet item, a simple blazer can easily help transform a casual outfit into a formal one. So on that day, you are feeling less sure about your formal outfit just add a blazer.

11. Dress Blouse

This can help you make a simple outfit look much more interesting, have one for those days you don’t know whether to hit a formal or casual look.

12. Versatile Sneakers

A neutral sneakers a must have for every closet.

Considering the variety of sneakers out there today, having one that goes on everything and can be easily paired will take you everywhere. Choose from white to metallic and you will go everywhere.

13. Ballet Flats

Comfort and classy why else won’t anyone own one of this. You can dress up or down in any outfit with this but whatever it is know your feet will thank you.

14. A Pair Of Heel

A perfect plump is an essential fashion staples.

A good pair of heels helps boost confidence especially on days when you feel so low but need to conquer always have one in handy because they never fail

15. A Tote Bag

Choose one that is large enough and with classic material that will last the test of time. This will allow you to keep all your essentials together whenever you are on the go.

Fashion staples make dressing up easier especially on days when you are less sure about what to wear so having them at hand helps to redefine your closet in a way you will never run out of ideas but remember, that doesn’t mean you should not try new trends and style. Compare your current closet with these 15 fashion staples and use it as a guide.

Before you go share with me the fashion staples that makes dressing everyday easier for you and what you think about mine.

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