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For many of us, the reality is that shopping takes a bunch of all our earnings and savings. Usually, it is not because we are extravagant or anything. But just because we have not taken time to study the behavior of shopping. In this post, I will be showing you the 20 easy ways to save money shopping this year.

One of the most important tips on how to save more money when shopping.
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Last year I made some conscious effort on how I could save more rather than spend more on my shopping without affecting my sense of style and personality.

It has been enlightening as I have learned quite a lot. My conscious effort paid up as I was able to save about 30% more from my shopping budget. How did I do it?

I simply followed these basic and easy ways on how to save money on shopping. The good part is that most of these apply to every one of us.

It doesn’t matter what your income is, we all spend more than we intend to on shopping. Giving in to impulse buying and failing to make a list (one of the biggest mistakes we all make).

Your desire to save more money will never change. So as much talking you do on saving more money this year.

This is the right time to go for it as there are more fun, easy and innovative ways to save money than ever before.

Use these tips the next time you decide to go shopping, and save more money.

1. Make a shopping list- and adhere to it.

One of the most common and tested ways to save money is to only shop when you have a list. Having a list is as important as adhering to that list, it also helps curb impulse buying. Try to make it a habit to never shop without a list. But keep in mind that it is one thing to make a list and another to keep by it. Be conscious and easily save more money shopping.

2. Only bring the cash you need.

One of the tips to save more money shopping.
Photo by Katie Harp on Unsplash

As much as possible only go out with the exact amount of cash you will need and nothing extra. This way there won’t be a push to buy what you don’t need or go over the board. I advise taking less, that way you are forced to buy the most essentials.

3. Master the 30 days rule.

This rule is always a good way to decide, if a purchase is needed or if it’s just due to instant gratification. Wait a month before deciding on any major purchase. If after a month the urge to buy has passed then you will have saved yourself some money.

20 Easy ways to save money shopping, 2020.

4. Prioritize basic.

When it comes to clothing, shoes, and bags always prioritize basic. Buy clothes that mix and match well and you won’t need nearly as many clothes. You are better off with a smaller number of basic pieces that you can layer. Spice up and accessorize to make them unique rather than a onetime classy/ trendy piece.

5. Resort your closets.

Always try to reshuffle your closet. Rearranging brings to your notice all those pieces of clothing you have totally forgotten at the back of your closet, buried and hidden away. Chances are you are already planning on buying a piece you forgot you own since out of sight is out of mind. I advise you do this anytime you have a huge to buy clothes.

6. Go thrifting.

I love thrift shopping. I save a lot and it makes me happy to know I am also helping the environment, win-win. There are a lot of thrift stores from equipment, Games to cloths. You will be shocked at how quality fill thrift shopping could be.

7. Do it yourself.

This is a trend that promises to continue. Learn new fun ways of doing things and also get to save money along. Learn to fix your nails, makeup, make your pastries, paint your room, make your hamper gift packs, turn old clothing pieces into new trends, get creative. Don’t be surprise your new knowledge could turn you into a youtube sensation and help you make more money.

8. Beware of the special offer.

This is usually made to draw in more sales. It is easier for shoppers to buy something they don’t need just because it’s super cheap or has a mouthwatering discount. Cheap or not, be careful, there’s no use spending money on something you’ll never use just because it is on offer. So don’t buy save instead.

9. Check reviews.

Never buy on online stores without going through the reviews of previous buyers first. I was a victim of an online store where I ended buying a bunch of low-quality goods I was unable to use. This eventually cost me more as I have to get them all over. Go through reviews first to read the opinions of other buyers and to see what the product looks like behind the professional look.

10. Prices Comparison.

Don’t get too comfortable shopping in one particular store. You never know you might be missing out on a huge discount. Other stores might have the best deal you might have been missing out on. Look for stores around you and try to compare prices first. This is even easier for shopping online try different online stores before determining a purchase. The amount you could save yourself is worth the extra time and effort.

11. Always make efforts to negotiate when possible.

Of course, some prices are set in stone and it will be a total waste of time trying to negotiate the impossible. However, don’t be afraid to haggle when you think it’s possible. If you feel you are not getting a good deal or you have seen a cheaper price of the same items somewhere else haggle it. There is absolutely no harm in haggling, the worst will be a no and you can always decide to buy or check out another store.

12. Time your purchase.

Don’t wait until you desperately need a thing before you purchase it. Being tensed or under pressure doesn’t help decision making, tension can make you opt for a bad deal.

Also, don’t be tempted to shop in the season. With all the beautiful advertisements and jiggles around the festive period, always try to target before the period for things you will be needing for the festival.

If you are not particular about fashion trends, clothes are best purchased during end-of-season sales. If you don’t get much use of them that season saves them until the following year.

13. Limit feed views of social medial sellers.

The trend of social media entrepreneurs trying to get your attention to buy a thing or the other is not stopping anytime soon. Chances are that you already made some impulse purchase through that channel the previous year. Remember how you vowed and promised to limit that this year. Save yourself some cash by limiting your feed window shopping.

14. Remove your credit card details from your online account.

Never authorized the option to save your card details online. It makes impulse buying easier. The works of having to go through your wallet to get your card could provide you an opportunity to think if you do need that item or not, chances are you don’t and there another cash saved.

15. Learn about all the benefits your company/ association/clubs offer.

You will be surprised at how many things you are missing out. Go through your organization handbook again or sit down the head of welfare personnel of your organization for a little chat and you will be surprised by how many benefits come with membership. Your organization multipurpose shopping mall could have a special package you have been missing out on.

16. When you are bored invite friends over rather than go shopping.

Don’t make a habit of going to the mall or opening a shopping app when you are bored. The silliest purchase happens when you buy things you don’t need just to make yourself feel better. It is better to invite friends over, make dinner and eat in, binge watch, gist or get creative.

17. Buy in bulk.

Some items are better off being bought in bulk. They help cut back on their cost per usage and in the long run add up significantly. This works great especially for staples and items that don’t perish easily.

18. Buy quality appliances.

This can be very pricy but doing it right can mean saving huge extra cash in the long run. Quality appliances are highly durable and save stress and cash that comes with repairing less durable or more affordable appliances. A one time purchase that helps you easily save more money shopping.

19. Try a more general brand of items you buy regularly.

A lot of us are brand freak but the truth is, some very basic goods are of the same quality regardless of what brand you choose or not choose, especially for hygiene products, toiletries and even for makeups. Substitute and save more money easily when shopping.

20. Choose your shopping partners wisely.

Easy ways to save money shopping.
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

If you haven’t taken the time to study your friend’s shopping habits, you should consider during that now. Some friends are shopaholics themselves and love it when you spend money because it makes them feel better about their own purchases. To save more money you will want to avoid shopping with them and rather call up friends who won’t pressure you to overspend.

Get inspired and save towards a goal, this year I am saving for a vacation. What are you saving for, chat with me let’s keep motivated together?

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