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Fashion according to Wikipedia is “a distinctive and often constant trend in the style in which people present themselves.” It couldn’t have been better said because fashion is all about who we are. Hence, we have a different definition of fashion. A friend once said “I feel fashion is an outward representation of one’s inner self. But Fashion can also be a representation of what one wants to be. Fashion can also be an illusion in the mind of the person who wears it.” Therefore, Fashion is you and defining your fashion style means you need to know yourself.


Defining one’s fashion style is very important because it gives you a place to begin. Its a way of understanding and coming to terms with who you are. That will help you to know what’s suitable for you. I, for example, sees anything comfortable and chic as fashion but not everyone does. I had a conversation with a friend recently. She kept on talking and talking about how fashionable the new sneakers she got was because it was expensive. To her, expensive things are fashion but to me, it isn’t. It could be expensive but if it isn’t comfortable then it’s not fashionable to me.

There are lots of Fashion style out there. Some of which have been successfully coin and tag. However, you should know that, even if none of these fashion styles describes you, it doesn’t mean you are lost or not fashionable, your fashion style is simply unique. You might as well be the only one that understands your fashion.

Fashion style tips, Fashion shoes, Fashion accessories
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How to choose your Fashion style.

Understand your body: As an individual looking to choosing a style, the first thing is to understand your body structure, you need to know which clothe will look good on you and which won’t. You also need to know the best part of your body that needs to showcased and what’s not. I remember my old college mate, she has tall and straight beautiful legs so she was always donning on a short skirt with a crop top which made her look stunning. The skirt was a good outfit for her because of her straight legs.

Fashion tips, fashion accessories, fashion style
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Leverage on your strength: Remember the times you feel on top of the world with a particular combo. You weren’t the only one that notices because others actually complimented you way too much on that same day. Take a picture of such days for future reference.

Fashion tips, fashion accessories, fashion style

Find your inspiration: Most times we have a weird combination of fashion style. It’s rare to just love a singular style and settle for it. A mix of bohemian, modern, classic, eclectic do it for most of us. Get your inspiration from friends, influencer and celebrities and hone a style for yourself. You can start with Pinterest, your Instagram feed is another good place for ideas and fashion blogs.

Fashion styles, tips on choosing a fashion style
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Keep note of outfits you love: Apart from what people love on you, what do you love on yourself. You can easily track this by just glancing through your closet. We tend to buy unconsciously what we love. If you already have over a hundred leather pants, you know that is a signal of your style. keeping records of outfit you love helps you track which fashion style is most likely to be yours.

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Don’t buy clothing attires on a whim: Never buy a clothing attire just because you need a cloth or because a friend likes it. This is the reason you end up with lots of garbages you will never get to wear. This gets you confused, buy It because you are already Imagining yourself rocking the outfit and because it defines your fashion style.

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Be conscious of your pocket: Never buy what you can’t afford. it’s okay to gift yourself once in a while. The truth is we all need that signature item that helps us define our style. Buy something you can afford and you will be able to wear. This is very important because you don’t want to end up making only expensive things fashionable to you when you can’t afford it. Also, remember trends change.

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

Evaluate your closet: Always try to do this every 3 months so you can clear out what you don’t want again. Helps you get perspective and fine tune your fashion style.

Ask for opinions: Asking for others opinions is compulsory because they are the ones that see you, they know how a piece looks on you. Whenever you wear or pair an attire, always make sure that you ask from those around you to know how good or not so good it looks so as to know what to do and what you shouldn’t next time.

If you don’t know where to start, check what I compiled for you here. I am so sure you will love more looks for you, enjoy!

How did you define your style? What is your fashion style? Did you find these tips helpful? chat with me I want to know what you think.

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