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Wow, it’s a new year and this is my first post for 2020, hurray! Happy new year lovelies, wishes, and hugs to you all.

oh, guess what, I got a pack of Apples for a new year gift. I love Apples absolutely one of my favorite fruits, yummy.

So if you are already in, then I want to believe you know we are discussing mainly the Apple body types. But, just in case you aren’t sure of what body types you are or not. Here is a quick run-down of what is usually considered an apple body type.

  • You have no defined waist as weight tends to form in the midsection
  • Average to large breast
  • Some attractive killer legs/ arms
  • Broader shoulder than the hips
  • Narrower hips than the bust

Still not sure, or you want a more detailed breakdown on how to determine your body type? Then make sure to check more hints here and also try this body shape calculator for a personal break down. And if you are still not clear and need my personal assistance I am just a mail away.

In this post, I won’t be telling you what to do but rather what to avoid or be careful with, because the possibilities of what to do are endless if you could get what I am about to tell you out of the way.

Again, I believe you know there is nothing like an ideal shape regardless of what some might say. The most important thing is that you are happy and healthy. So are you ready to flaunt and be proud of your figure? Come, Take a tour with me.

Down to business

It is important to know that gathering weight around the midsection doesn’t necessarily mean a very large belly. Sometimes it could just be that your center of gravity lies in your belly area. Visualizing this I think it makes absolute sense, a fuller bust with a less defined waist or no flat tummy to flatter the bust, then the center will definitely look heavier. Did you visualize that with me? 😊

Note this important don’t for a more flexible and versatile fashion style.

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1. Don’t draw attention to your mid-section

Whatever you do, do not try to emphasize your stomach. The midriff’s already full trying to accessories will only draw attention to how full it is.

 So stay away from Belts big or small in the mid-section. Instead, try to define your waist.

2. Don’t opt for clingy materials especially in the top half section of your body

With a full upper body, clingy dresses or top only makes your full stomach and breast more pronounced. Loose and flowy Tops are perfect but don’t forget to balance it. Make sure it’s not too boxy or baggy to make you look shapeless.

3. Don’t invest in ill-fitted bras

You really do not want your bust and tummy colliding. You sure don’t want to look bustier than you already do. Avoid wearing Strapless, padded, push up bras. It is essential for your body type to always put on the appropriate bra size. Invest in full cup bras or a very good lifting minimizer bra if you are uniquely blessed.

4. Don’t do decorated neckline Tops; Halter, boat neck or off the shoulder cut.

Decorated neckline will pronounce your broader shoulder. Plunging necklines, sweetheart, V neck tops or narrow bodice tops are great to flatter your bust. They draw attention away from your shoulder and help elongate your upper section.

5. Don’t be shy to flaunt your leg

Your legs are one of your best features so don’t be afraid to flaunt it. Avoid wearing leggings, skinny jeans, or any other too-tight fabric materials and skirt above the knee length. This only makes your legs look smaller which makes your waist looks larger. A-line or box pleat skirts that start a point below your tummy. Boot cut, wide leg, with fastening on the side trouser should be favored.

6. Don’t Minimize your leg

Rather emphasize it, Strappy sandals, wedge or platform that elongate your beautiful legs and ballet flats are ideal. Heavy and big boots only make your beautiful legs look smaller. Don’t be afraid to play with colors in your foot game. Wear colors and details in your footwear they add more beauty to your legs which help draws attention to them.

7. Don’t invest in clutch or shoulder bags

Smaller bags like a clutch or shoulder bags will draw attention to the part where it meets the body. Remember you have a wider bust and narrower waist, so wide handbags with the slight structure are perfect for you. You should choose a medium-sized bags like tote bags and handheld bags instead.

8. Don’t do waist fitted skirts

Wearing skirts that are tight around the waist will make your midriff more pronounced so you shouldn’t. Wear a skirt that begins below your tummy. Skirt designs with hanky hem, a bias cut, A-line, flip, paneled, box pleated will flatter your figure. 

9. Don’t wear horizontal stripes

Your figure will benefit more from vertical or diagonal stripes, they make you look taller. In contrast, horizontal stripes will make you look wider especially in the upper body. Remember, we want to make your midriff less obvious hence you should not wear or invest on horizontal stripes.

10Don’t wear elaborate ornate on the neck

Do minimal embellishment if at all. You will want to avoid embellishment that draws attention to your chest and add bulk. Remember no unnecessary attention to the upper part, let the bust do that.

Personal note

I talk about Bodytypes because I believe fashion should be personal and not “Norm-al”. I believe the only way you could build a personal fashion, which speaks your personality is to understand what works for you and only you.

If in any way you feel less confident or need a morale boost about your figure or shape. I recommend for all things body confidence, feeling happy with your figure. And you could always message and talk to me for fun girly confidence chat.

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