Cucumber for the skin

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For this post I will be talking about beauty uses of cucumber, yes cucumber.


Cucumber is undoubtedly one of the many common everyday vegetable/fruits. It has a high water contents that helps keep our body hydrated and also low in calories which can be a good source for weight loss.

Cucumber has quite a number of beauty tips, it can be use to reduce The puffiness of the eye, under eyes bags, eyes wrinkles, reduce dark circles,  rejuvenate skin,treat open pores and for hair care.

Procedures for using Cucumber on the eyes

  • rinse you Cucumber and slice
  • Refrigerate for some minutes
  • place two slice on your close eyes and leave for as long as you like
  • The ascorbic acid and caffeic acid in cucumber brings down the water retention rate and in turn, diminishes the swelling and puffiness around the eyes

cucumber helps give a youthful  glow and life back to a dull looking skin.

procedure for using Cucumber on the skin

  • Get Cucumber and lime
  • sqeeze out the juice of the two friuts
  • mix together
  • apply to your face as a facial mask
  • let it sit in for like 30 minutes
  • rinse with warm water and moisture your face

For weight loss, skin problems  and health wise Cucumber should be highly incorporated in our daily diet.

Do it green and natural, its guaranteed and you don’t have to break a bank.

Do not forget it is only when you stick to your procedures that you see the desired result, remember consistency is the key to that desired lifestyle.

cheers and thanks for reading.

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