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Being a fashion stylist/designer is one of the most exciting Jobs today, the opportunity to sketch, design and create is the ultimate thrill for Fatima as a fashion designer.

However, the expectations to dress beyond basic as a stylist is misleading according to her, she shares here how fashion doesn’t necessarily have to be over the top but whatever defines your personality and also her closet confidential- the fashion items she can’t live without.


A must-have, they are very comfortable and handy for when I am on the move, I prefer darker colours cause they are easier to maintain.


I have a number of this piece as well, and they are easy to throw on and pair easily with jeans and very comfortable.


Has a hijabi, scarfs is one of the best ways to express my fashion sense and style, they are more than a headcover, they are a fashion piece as well.


Hmm, this piece has come a long way, so beautiful and chic, I pair them formally and informally depending on the occasion.


For every other day, look. It pairs easily with almost every other piece of clothing; it doesn’t require any extra effort.


For my palazzo and skirts mainly, I prefer to combine them With body top also for my kimono. 


I am always on the move, and with some Tight schedule. So wristwatch has become a must-have plus its also chic.­


They give an appeal which I like, like having your particular fragrance.


I prefer them In Flats. I wear heels only when the occasion calls for it or I just feel like.


My most favorite makeup item has got to be lipstick, even when I am in a hurry, I won’t let go and make sure I apply them and retouch even when I am on the move.

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