Go fruity and natural for that Flat tummy

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It’s no news that all ladies want to be tagged as “sexy” and  go all the way from dieting to exercising.

weight loss could be a very frustrating journey for anybody having to try plenty diets and different combination of food items also excluding some items entirely from our diets.

No need for that stress anymore with this everyday friut you could get that flat tummy and your desired bodyshape, just remember always that consistency is the key to that desired lifestyle.

Know a bit about you fruit 

vitamin C is quite an essential asset for those trying to loss weight and people who want to stay healthy for that perfect lifestyle, vitamin C helps the body to absorb calcium from the fat cells and automatically helps to loss weight.

Lime are rich in citric acid content which act like natural digestive aids in our tummy, the high acidic content in lime juice helps reduce the absorption of sugar from the food we eat

Experts are of the opinion that lime juice helps in detoxification and speeds up metabolism which is ultimately helpful for people trying to lose body fat.

The procedure

  • Bring a clean water to warm
  • rinse and cut your lime
  • squeeze a part in a cup
  • add the warm water make sure it’s warm and not hot to avoid scalding yourself
  • Drink this combination at once early in the morning before taking anything
  • do not take any food content for the next 30 mins after this

this should be taken every morning  and ultimately you will see the results.

This procedure not only help you loss weight but also help improve you immunity and digestion and gives you a glow from the inside out IMG_2365.JPGalong with this do not forget to live a healthy lifestyle let go of things you know aren’t helping in your diets also do not be lazy walk that #50 T.fare distance it helps a long way to keep you health and shape and if you drive leave a day out of your driving schedule and just explore for the healthy lifestyle.

look forward to my next post will be giving you a general overview of what that “small but mighty lime” can do, you will be surprise to know it can give you that special sheen you seek for in a shampoo.

Remember you can live healthy, look perfect and not break a bank.

you can ask me questions of anything confusing in the comments box I will be more than glad to answer.

cheers and thanks for reading.

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