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Shoes are priceless….. now I don’t mean monetary value. I always say “Shoes are confident boosters and good luck charm”. Choosing the right shoes for every outfit is a deal breaker. Yes!. If you have never experience that “top of the world” or “yes I can break this deal” feel a good shoe radiate into your existence when you walk into a room. Then you are getting it wrong somewhere.

I mean with all the endless styles, colors and designs to choose from. No no, I don’t think I will be giving up on my love for shoes any time soon.

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Yes, I know, am quite aware that these endless choices make it overwhelming, tasking and difficult to pinpoint or choose the right shoes most times. Trust me I went through all that phase of confusion. My black shoes were literarily in my comfort zone. Until of course, I challenged myself and took my time to note this simple routine am about to share with you.

how to choose the right shoes for every outfits.
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It took me a while to realize this. Most of us are guilty of this, we believe that the shoes are meant to stand out more, than the outfit. The problem is they are not supposed to stand out from one another they are meant to complement one another.

So the first step in choosing any shoes for your outfit– choose shoes that complement your outfit. To do this match your shoes that are “extra” in embellishments, designs, and style with a simple outfit and the simple shoes with clothing materials with a lot of colors or embellishment. For example, black heels or flats is very appropriate for colored/ bold patterned outfit.


We ladies love to match so much we forget the simple rules. Matching in the right proportion is the key to rocking your fashion game. Gone are those days when it is considered chic to match every single detail of your outfits.

A sequin laced shoes with a sequins dress or a crystal laced shoes with a crystal embellished dress makes your outfit too chaotic. Match your shoes and outfit in moderation.

I love to wear my sequins shoes with a simple blouse and a neutral trouser or jeans it gives me the extra looks and at the same time simple look.

Must have shoes for every lady.


Colorful shoes are a great way to bring colors to your outfit. But before you try out different colors you should consider these basics of matching different colors.

  • Black shoes: This is very versatile and a must have for all ladies. It goes with absolutely everything (but do not get too comfortable stocking all your closet in black….be daring). Wear black shoes on any outfit when in doubt it is always the safest option.
  • Brown shoes: This goes very well with equally brown outfits. Also, with outfits in shades of tan, beige, green and orange.
  • Silver shoes: Wear this on pastels outfits. White, black, blue, orange and purple outfits all so do well with this color.
  • Gold shoes: I love gold shoes on a red dress, it screams royalty. Gold also complements black, brown and greens outfit too.
  • Cream/white shoes: Merge these on light neutrals, bright colors, and pastels outfits.
  • Nude/ Light brown shoes: I love nude shoes on heavily embellished clothing it helps strike a balance. Match this with blue, beige outfits

These are just basic guidelines. In matching a shoe color not listed above use this simple color theory– match deep with deep and light with light. You can also home in on a shade in your outfit–If you are putting on an outfit with multi-colored it is safe to pick a shoe of one of the colors.


The event we are attending highly determines the outfit we put on. If you are going to a formal gathering that requires a formal outfit it is not generally considered acceptable to put on a flip flop, running shoes, neither are sequins evening shoes considered right.

To be on a safer side I always advise selecting standard colors for professional settings. Brown, black, gray, and red shoes are a good choice for a formal setting.

Choose from peep toes, stilettos, ballerina and pumps in any of those standard colors and you are good to go.

In a non-formal setting, like a day at the gym or a stroll to the mall, your running shoes, trainers, sandals, slip on shoes should come in handy as long as you don’t forget the basics in matching different colors.


Choose your shoes appropriately with the season. A winter dress with a summer shoe doesn’t match. A heavy outfit doesn’t compliment light shoes, it only makes it more obvious. Remember heavy with heavy and light with light. Loafers and boots are winter appropriate while sandals, flip flop are generally acceptable for summer.

But it is worth noting that some shoes are multi-seasonal. But always remember to match according to the rules.

Fashion shoes you should own.
Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

In conclusion, remember in choosing the right shoes for every one of your outfits to always choose comfort as oppose style. Just because a shoe is expensive or stylish doesn’t mean it will be comfortable. Trust me, having to stand or walk all day in an uncomfortable shoe is not a worthwhile experience.

Was this helpful in anyway? I love to hear from me, share your ideas with me.

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