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Dressing casual and nice seems almost impossible when you think of these two-concept together. Casual as a term is so broad and can mean anything from glamming up in all your Sunday best to a sweatshirt and short.

If it ever bothers you when you have an outing you have been told to dress casually too and wonder to yourself how can I make casual nice. Then welcome cause we got you covered.

The truth is casual dressing constitute the majority of what most of us wear every day, just knowing when and how to add the spice is the difference while the nice part is just the overall outlook of the casual outfit from the clothes/colors/ accessories combination to the body confidence /carriage. The goal of dressing casual is just to feel comfortable in your skin and being comfortable brings out the nicest part of any outfit.

If you need ideas on a casual combination. I will be leaving some common casual combinations that you can rock any day anytime below.

Also, tips on how to add some spice that brings out the most beautiful part of any outfit. You should totally check them out.


How to dress casual and nice.
Photo by Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz on Unsplash

When it comes to casual dressings, jeans have come a long way in making its mark as to the easiest paired piece of all time. A classic combination of jeans and teeshirt pair with some low heel sandals or white or bright color sneakers for an effortlessly casual and nice.

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How to dress casual and nice in a simple flowy dress.

Depending on the occasion this outfit can be dress down or up with the right amount of accessories. For a small get together or a busy day of shopping a lovely flowy dress is ideal for a casual but highly appealing look paired with a strappy sandal and a chick crossbody bag.

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How to dress casual and nice in knitwears.

If you are thinking of how to dress casual then knitwear should be a priority on your list. This, fortunately, can be paired with a whole bunch of pieces. Oversized knitwear looks good on jeans or a miniskirt complete with a pair of white sneakers or combat boots.


How to dress casual and nice in a jumpsuit.

A pair of jumpsuit for a laidback but trendy look. Depending on the occasion paired with an ankle shoe and a crossbody bag to complete the look.

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How to dress casual and nice in skirts.

Mini, midi, maxi skirts try any with the right pair of tops with a T-shirt, knit top or a patterned blouse for a casual look. Complete the outfit with a sandal or a chunky boot.

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  • Always remember that comfort is key. If you are not comfortable in your attire there is no way it is going to look nice to the onlookers.
  • Pick clothes that are a perfect fit for your body. Knowing what body type you are can help you make any outfit looks nice and classy.
  • Buy high-quality clothing. This gives an overall elegant look with the assurance that no thread or stitches will be out of place.
  • Mix and match with neutral colors. When in doubt stick with colors such as black, white, navy blue, brown for a laidback and classy look.
  • Don’t over-accessorize, learn to balance your outlook with the right accessories.

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