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When I picked up my phone on Friday. I didn’t know I will be setting myself up. For a closet raid weekend and a lecture on how to style body types.

Apparently, a friend of mine who has gone through my Tips that help you choose your fashion style called to enlist my help while quoting from one of the tips I listed “to ask for opinions”(that got me, I couldn’t say no, lol).

Fast forward to the closet rampage. I notice a lot of clothing piece that was obviously for a different body type from hers, what do I mean?. It simply means as beautiful as most of those clothing pieces her, they didn’t highlight her best features.

So I ended up not only with sorting out apparels. But, also giving a long lecture on the importance of knowing one’s body type and styling it appropriately.

Well you are about go through your own long reading, i hope you are ready.

This has happened to most of us before. You walk into a store and see this very alluring dress on a mannequin. In your head, you are already fantasizing of various way of rocking it and everything possible. However, as you go behind the trial room all of your fantasize comes crashing down. It is obviously different from the way it looks on the rack to how it sits on you.

Have you ever wonder why this is?. It is simply because it is not for your body type. The truth is most of us don’t even know these basic(well I didn’t know this before too).


Your body structure, how the shoulder connects to your bust, waist, and hips is simply your body type. This looks quite simple but don’t forget that women come in various shapes and sizes. Clothes are also made to fit various shapes and not just a singular shape. Knowing your proportions can help you accentuate your best features with clothing piece.

Let me put you through how to determine your body type. Get a measuring tape, the type your fashion designer uses when taking down your measurement, yes that. Now you will want to get a piece of paper to write your statistic down. Good, let’s get to work.

How to measure your body type.
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The first thing you will want to get is your bust. Make sure you are standing straight up before doing this. In order words, it helps to stand in front of a full mirror.

While standing, take one tip of the measuring tape(use the inches side) from one bust point and wrap it under your shoulder to where it started. Remember we are measuring the fullest part of the bust, so make sure you adjust the tape slightly until you achieve that. Do not squish your breasts with the tape place it appropriately to get the accurate measurement.


Moving down a bit, we measure the waist. Now for those who don’t know where the waist is. Your waist is that dip that you notice from the arch of your body to your hips. Slightly above the navel and below the rib cage. Make sure not to slouch or pull your stomach in. Stand as straight up as possible then wrap the measuring tape around your waist to get your waist measurement.


This is the upper swell of your hips. Typically where your upper body stops and your lower body begins. Take your measuring tape around and get the measurement.


The circumference of the fullest part of your buttocks is your hip size. Wrap the measuring tape around your buttocks. Make sure it is level round and slightly adjust on the fullest part of your buttocks.

Good, now that you have your measurement simply check what your body type is.


There is a reason why Kim Kardashian-West favors straight pencil skirts with crop tops. It is because it helps accentuate her best features. To achieve the same you have to know where you belong.

These are the most common four body shape. Most of us actually belong to one of this or a mixture of two. You should know that there is nothing like a “worst” or “best” body shape, as each has its pros and cons. Knowing yours can only help you accentuate your proportions with the style that give you the best look.



Since the midriff appears heavier than the other part, the idea is to direct attention away from that part and wear cloth that highlights your strengths.

Shirts, dresses or blouses with V or deep V neck will give an illusion of an elongated upper part, wear long sleeves to direct attention away from your waist, shoulder, and arms.

Flared bottoms i.e palazzo over straight leg pants are ideal for this body. You should avoid high waist clothing and figure-hugging dresses as they will only make the midriff more obvious.

Dark colors are also ideal, most importantly, to help enhance features that are less obvious or to cover them.


Here you want to direct attention to your best feature which is your arms and legs. Stock up on mini skirts, skinny jeans, armless and strapless.

choose clothes that help you pinch in your waist to help exaggerate and create the illusion of a defined waist.

Clothing with extra layers, ruffles, and frills are ideal to add volume and femininity to your structure.

You should avoid Mens clothing i.e baggy jeans and track suits, they only direct attention more to your boyish features.


The trick with dressing this body type is to wear something that accentuate the upper part to create a balance with the lower part.

Clothing piece that highlights your shoulder and bust region i.e ruffled tops or patterned dresses.

A line skirts, Straight leg or slightly flared pants are ideal for this body.

Crop tops, sweetheart, V or deep-V, scoop or boat necks with a bra that adds to or enhance your bust will balance your bottom out.

Avoid tight and fully flared pants.


Your clothing piece should directly follow the outlines of your body in order to help make the most of this body structure.

Wear pieces that draw attention to your defined waist, waist belts and body hugging pieces are ideal.

V neck dresses and tops help flaunt your upper body. It saved to always wear the appropriate bra as people with this body shape can end up revealing too much bust.

Avoid shapeless, flowing and drape pieces.

I know this is a lengthy post. However, it is essential we know this basic. knowing your body type will subsequently, save you a lot of headaches while shopping and help boost your body confidence.

I hope now that you know your body types and what fits, you can make the best fashion decision that suits just you. Don’t forget to check out my favorite store for new fashion pieces.

What is your body type? I want to know, comment down below lets discuss.

From my statistics Bust-33 inches, waist-27 inches, high hip-33 inches, hip-38 inches. Use the calculator and tell me what is my body type.

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