Lime way to get pink lips

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Today men and women are in hot pursuit for that rosy full pink lips and getting all types of branded products which is undoubtedly the fastest way but while not go natural and be guaranteed.

Dark lips can be genetically inherited or caused as a results of a chosen lifestyle: Exposure to sun rays, smoking, caffeine,allergies and age.

Nobody wants a dark lip, pink lips in a way enhances ones beauty and give a natural beauty glow,so comes the hot pursuit.

For this post I will be talking about how to get pink lips using lime, honey,olive oil and sugar.                   In order to get that desired pink lips we need to get rid of impurities of the lips i.e dead cell and keep them hydrated, so simply we exfoliate the lips to rid of the dark skin to get that rosy pink lips.


Procedure for sugar and honey scrub

  • Mix granulated sugar and honey
  • apply to the lips and lightly massage
  • and for a more effective  result you can use a very soft toothbrush to apply lightly scrubbing with the brush
  • rinse with warm water

procedure for applying lime

  • Squeeze your lime
  • apply with your finger tips to the lips
  • leave for 15-20 minutes
  • but if applying in the night you can leave it over till morning
  • rinse and moisturize your lips with olive oil/coconut oil to keep it hydrated and soft

with this simple tips you can be guaranteed of that rosy pink lips as long as you remember consistency is the key to that desired lifestyle, be consistent with your procedures.

Look forward to my next post for more natural lifestyle tips.Go natural and be beautiful .


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