Natural, everyday fruits for dark spot removal.

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In my previous post, I talked about “green and nature” for healthy lifestyle,  it’s the best for no bone crushing fee and also guaranteed.

They say experience is the best teacher it’s no lie trust me, also we all need to know that consistency is the key for that desired lifestyle.

I could list You about a hundred fruits that work wonders with dark spots or blackheads but for this post I will share with you lIME wonder performance.

I don’t want to bore you with no unnecessary details, but you should know that lime is a natural bleaching agent and highly recommended for scars, uneven skin tone and dark spots.

Lime juice can be use for different parts of our body we wish to lighten up i. e the underarm,the knee , acne,footy etc

I usually recommend a freshly squeezed lime juice for any of the procedures and not already squeezed ones sold in bottles reason being that the shaft and the skin of the lime 🍋 are also very essential and has it purpose too, for me I soaked the skin of the lime I used each day in my bath water I noticed it makes me glow and feel fresh.

The Procedure

  • Get fresh lime
  • wash and slice in two
  • squeezed a part in a bowl
  • get a cottonwool and dab into the juice and lightly apply over where you intend to lighten I.e to clear dark spot on the face, underarms, knee and so on
  • let the skin absorb it for like 15mins and wash off with ordinary water
  • this can be done for 2 weeks or until you see desired results

Moisturizer  the area after wash cause the skin tends to feel dry after this and that isn’t the aim no one want a dry or cranky skin.

The lime is all natural and not harm but you should keep in mind that after this procedure our skin tends to be quite sensitive hence i usually do this on a day i dont need to step out in other to avoid the sun or at night before going to bed.

Also if you feel the lime burns you or irritate your face for those with acne and burns, mix your lime with water but in the same quantity I.e 1/2 of lime 1/2 of water before applying on your face or any parts.

Do you know this isn’t even atip of an iceberg of what a lime can do

do you know lime can also be used to have that desired figure and shape,  read my next post for how to get a flat tummy using lime juice.

So don’t forget to get your basket of lime as you step out today, trust me you won’t regret it and you don’t need to break a bank.

cheers and have a lovely day.

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