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I have always loved traveling. Ever since I was a little girl, a day before the actual trip always means little or no sleep for me. I will fantasize about all things possible. As a little girl then, what baffles me the most was always the time my mum spent on packing for every one of us.

She will be at this for weeks and eventually when we get to our destination there will always be a thing or two left at home. Usually, the essentials then we will end up paying exorbitant prices of course; tourist price.

Ok am not blaming her, for she is actually a superwoman, it is not easy catering for four girls right?

Well, I realized this as I eventually grew older. I did way worse than her. Even when I just have to pack for myself alone I forgot over 50% of my travel essentials.

Travel essentials are highly significant in how our vacations take a turn. If you have 95% of what you will ever need on your vacation then incurring 5% extra charges won’t make you fret or start over calculating which can actually rub you of all the fun you planned to have.


Phone charger

Travel essential phone charger

This tops my list of what not to forget. Not because you won’t be able to buy a new one but because you will be surprised and maybe feel slightly cheated for having to pay an outrageous fee for an extra charger. I personally don’t joke with this because my phone is too important for it to go off for longer than necessary.

Camera/ Camera Charger

I love sightseeing and taking pictures, it is a past time I always look forward to while traveling. If you love taking pictures as I do then your camera and charger should be among your first pack. Trust me you don’t want to add “buying a new camera on vacation“. to your travel budget

Memory card

Camera memory card travel essential

I know without a memory card for my camera, my love for pictures taking will suffer. Getting your specific memory card can be a task and will definitely come with a price when you eventually get.

First aid kit

Travel first aid kit

I considered this as important as my passport when going on vacation. I love been prepared, an accident happens no matter where you are. A first aid kit with essentials like antibiotics cream, bandage, eye drop, and some medications. Will helps you fidget less and also help cut cost on vacation.

Sweatshirt/ Jacket

Jacket for travels

Irrespective of the season, I always make sure I have a piece of warm clothing with me. The airport tends to get too chilly and even some summer night can suddenly turn cold. This makes your vacation more comfortable and helps you avoid having to buy anything.


Except you are not a lover of sunglasses like me. This makes my vacation look feels complete so I don’t like to miss it. Of course, there will be many sunglasses available to buy at the tourist site. Just be prepared to pay the tourist price and I bet they won’t probably be your style. So stay safe than sorry.

Sunscreen and Moisturizer

sunscreen for travels

These are very easy to forget. They are very essential because of your skin. In fact, you should nourish your skin more on vacation. A chilly environment makes your skin feel dry and if you will be staying more outdoors you definitely don’t want to get a sunburn.

Hand sanitizer

hand sanitizers travel essential

This makes me feel better when am being surrounded by a lot of people. Tourist sites are notorious for crowds. So I advise you to always bring this along.

Fanny packs.

Fanny packs for travelling

I love having my valuables with me when am on vacation, it makes me feel safe and secure. My passport, phone, the camera goes in my fanny pack where ever I go when am on a vacation.

Eyemask and Earplugs

Eye mask

I don’t like sleeping with the light on and definitely not in a noisy environment. This usually comes in handy for me when am traveling with friends or family. I always make sure I don’t forget them.

In conclusion

Choosing a vacation destination is a task on its own, with all the planning and budget. Therefore, it is important to try and remember our travel essentials as much as possible. So as to avoid some unforeseen cost and have the most of our vacations.

It is always good to give yourself enough time to pack when going on vacation so you don’t forget anything.

What travels essentials have you ever forgotten and have no other choice than to buy on vacation?

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